Year 5

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Geographic Environment
  • understands the importance of tourism for the Maltese people
  • identifies the jobs that are directly or indirectly related to tourism
  • identifies ways of how students can help in attracting tourists to our country
  • can give details of what attracts tourists to our island
  • knows details about our local fishing industry and the different vessels that are used by Maltese fishermen
  • can identify the various difficulties faced by local fishermen
  • knows about the different fishing methods used to catch the dorado fish (lampuki)
  • is able to identify the Maltese villages that are related to the fishing industry
  • has a good knowledge about the use of fishing rods, nets and other small items when it comes to fishing as a hobby
  • is aware of what is involved in aquaculture – how and where it’s done and its advantages over other traditional fishing methods
Historical Environment
  • shows knowledge about the location of old cities like Imdina, Birgu and the Citadel and how their strategic position was so important for Malta and Gozo in the past
  • can identify the physical aspects of these cities that have changed and those that have remained the same
  • is able to name the places of interest that are found in these cities
  • through a fieldwork trip, is able to learn more about one of these localities and in the process can visualise how people in medieval times lived
  • is able to compare the importance of these cities in the past with that of today
  • is aware of the progress that has taken place in the building industry and understands that houses around the world are not built the same way
  • can identify the different places used as habitations in the past as well as more modern residences found in Malta  – eg caves, the girna, farmhouses,  flats, housing estates, villas, skyscrapers etc
  • shows knowledge about the way that houses used to be built in the past and what other methods are being used to build houses nowadays
  • can name some new materials that are being used in today’s building industry
Social Environment
  • can identify the different celebrations that one finds in a home environment
  • can specify why these celebrations are important in our life
  • can name the celebrations that take place in our school
  • can identify the main celebrations in our community and name the reason/s as to why they are done
  • knows details about our national and traditional feasts, can identify the traditions and folklor related to them and can give information about the importance of one particular feast
  • identifies indoor and outdoor games enjoyed by Maltese children
  • has a good knowledge about the Olympic Games
  • can identify the advantages of playing a particular sport instead of watching it on television or computer
  • has knowledge about some traditional Maltese games
  • can identify the benefits of being involved in sports