Year 4

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Geographic Environment
  • has a general idea of what a map is, what it is used for and when we are most likely to use one
  • is able to pinpoint certain localities on a map of the Maltese islands
  • knows the geographical position of certain localities in Malta and Gozo – whether they are on a hill, on low lying ground or close to the sea etc.
  • identifies the difference between life in the city and that in rural areas
  • has a good knowledge of the elements of the weather – temperature, rain and wind
  • has a good knowledge of instruments used to measure the temperature, the force and the direction of the wind, the amount of rain-fall and air-pressure
  • is able to understand results of readings related to the weather
  • knows details about the four seasons and weather conditions relating to each of them
  • through research and discussion, understands the effects of extreme weather conditions on our environment and on us human beings
  • with the aid of pictures and photos, can observe seasonal changes on our countryside and that of other foreign countries
  • knows the effects and changes that each season brings in our daily life
  • understands that other countries have different seasons from ours
  • is able to keep a seven day journal of the activities of each day and their duration
  • identifies the change in clothing from one season to another
Historical Environment
  • knows details about Maltese personalities – Dun Mikiel Xerri,  Dun Karm Psaila and San Gorg Preca
  • understands why the Maltese people still hold their memory at heart and what should be done in order to keep thismemory more alive
  • finds evidence of the mark that these three personalities left on the Maltese culture
  • is able to do some creative work related to one of these personalities
  • through a primary source (video footage or audio pieces taken during the life of these personalities), can identify the work or an episode in the life of each of these personalities
Social Environment
  • identifies the difference between work and past-times
  • has a good knowledge of how old people used to spend their free time during their childhood
  • can compare today’s past-times with those of years gone by
  • has a good knowledge of  traditional Maltese feasts – namely Christmas, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, St Peter and St Paul and the village feast – and their different characteristics
  • finds evidence of how popular music was and still is a popular pastime of many Maltese people
  • identifies certain people who help us in our community – be it those who are employed or those who work on a voluntary basis
  • understands the roles of the members of the school’s Students’ Council and builds a good relationship which each and everyone of these members
  • is aware of the relationship between assistance and protection – identifies the assistance and/or protection that certain persons in our locality give us
  • is able to describe ways of how we can collaborate with the persons who help us in our locality and how this collaboration can be worthwhile
  • understands that despite the fact that many people help us in our daily life, prevention still remains the best thing that we can give to ourselves
  • understands one’s role and duties at home, school, amongst friends and in the community