Year 5


Topic 1  –  God gives us talents
understands that everyone has some God given talents/capabilities and identifies his/her own talents/capabilities as well as those of others
is aware that we can all succeed as God has bestowed talents and capabilities on each and every one of us – Helen Keller as an example
is able to identify good qualities and capabilities of persons he/she admires or considers as heroes
is aware that God made use of certain people in order to show us how we should live – example Abraham and Sara
can identify good qualities in people from the Old Testament, namely Ruth and Samuel, and is able to discuss how these same qualities can enrich his/her own life
is aware of the importance of good qualities such as obedience, courage, love and respect, faith and trust – qualities that were so evident in the lives of Moses and Martin Luther King
Topic 2 – God’s role throughout the ages 
can identify certain difficulties that the Maltese people faced in past years with particular reference to Dun Mikiel Xerri and Gannina Cutajar
understands that God chose certain people to bring His message across – examples of people like David, Ezekjel, Pope John Paul , Bishop Romero, Charles Lwanga and Jim Elliott
Topic 3  –  Looking after one another
understands that God looks after each and everyone of us and that to live in harmony, we all need to love and care for one another and to always show respect particularly towards our relatives and friends and also those in authority
is able to speak about Jesus, why He was so special, how he preached and showed loved towards everyone
understands the need and importance of being just, obedient and to show love and solidarity – with reference to the life of Gladys Aylward
Topic 4  –  Born for us
understands the true meaning of Christmas, the joy that it brings through the various traditions and celebrations
is aware of the importance of peace in the world and the cruel aspects of hatred
knows details about the birth of Jesus, details about his place of birth, Mary and Joseph, Herod and the shepherds
is aware that the spirit of Christmas ought to be present throughout the whole year and what one needs to do in order to achieve this
Topic 5 – Our friends!
is able to identify his/her friends, the relationship between them and the importance of beyond loyal to one another
is aware of the importance of gratitude  with reference to the story of the ten lepers
can identify ways of how one should imitate Jesus when it comes to how we relate with others – our family members, friends, schoolmates etc
understands the terms commitment, respect, responsibility and love
Topic 6 – The Inner Circle
understands the meaning of ‘close friends’ and why some friends are more precious than others
can identify why these friends bring so much joy in our lives and that we should care for them, love them and help them,  the same way that Jesus loved and cared for his apostles and close friends
knows the story of how Jesus calmed the storm and how he invited Peter to walk towards him on the water
understands what true faith is and also that we should also put our trust in Jesus
can narrate stories of people who throughout their lives showed great love towards others, namely Massimiliano Colbe and Paul Miki
Topic 7 – Discovering values
understands the importance of being committed in all that we do and that at times this requires a lot of sacrifice especially when we face life’s challenges – using episodes from the bible as an example – the story of Zaccheus and the Last Supper
is aware of the importance of accepting one’s own mistakes and changing one’s ways, with reference to Peter and Judas
understands the importance of forgiveness bearing in mind how Jesus forgave even those who sentenced Him to die on the cross
Topic 8 – Our Community
understands what makes a community and knows the difference between a team and a group
knows the concept of ‘team spirit’ and the role of a leader/coach within a team – relating this to the parable of the Good Shepherd
is aware of what makes a good leader and how Jesus was such a good leader throughout his life
understands that the Church is  Jesus’ team and that there are different roles within the Church
knows details about Jesus’ Ascension into Heaven and about the power of the Holy Spirit in the story of Pentecost and in our daily life
is aware that Holy Mary is the mother who keeps our community united and other saints who tried hard to achieve this in their lives – particularly St Domenico Savio and St Gorg Preca
Topic 9 – Give and you will receive
can identify the good qualities and talents which can strenghten our group and how these are used in different situations of our daily lives
can identify different services that certain people offer us and ways of how we should show our appreciation for these services
knows details about the lives of the first christians and how they used to share everything with one another
knows the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit and how the apostles and first christians used these gifts during their life
understands that the Holy Spirit is also present in our Church today and what one should do in order to enable the Holy Spirit to keep on working in our world – using the lives of Mahatma Ghandi, John Neumann and Giuseppi Moscati as well as St Francis’s prayer ‘Make me a channel of your peace’  as examples
Topic 10 – Prayer as a means of praising God
understands that prayer is also a form of service and that different people have different ways of praying, knows the reason why people pray and why others opt not to
can identify ways of what can be done in order to have time to pray and to pray well and relates moments when he/she felt the need to pray
knows how Jesus used to pray, important episodes from His life when He felt the need to pray and one should use them as an example of how to pray well
knows the different parts of the Holy Mass, the importance of each part and the different prayers that are said in each part, with particular emphasis on the Eucharist
is aware that there are various forms of prayer, knows the seven sacraments and how they help us to become good Christians
Application of knowledge
is able to apply the lesson learnt to real-life situations
participates in the recitation of prayers
actively participates during Mass