Project 7


To become more aware of the strengths and weproject 7aknesses in each classroom: the teaching and learning taking place, the difficulties faced, and to support the teachers and LSAs in the best  way possible.



  • The Head or Asst Head will visit each classroom at least for one hour each week, whenever possible:
  • Take feedback from the students, while observing  the lesson being delivered;
  • Provide the necessary resources so that learning is facilitated;
  • Help out with the problems faced, trying to find solutions.


Due to an extremely full schedule, various commitments and other external factors, the Head of School and the Assistant Head found it difficult to visit classes once a week as planned.  They were however fully aware of how each class was progressing and were highly impressed with all the work, lesson preparations and effort put in by all the teachers and LSAs at our school.

Whenever they visited the classes, they left their feedback in the teacher’s copybook.  They supported all the staff when problems arose and ensured that teachers were well equipped with all the resources that they required.

At the end of the scholastic year, the Head of School left her comments on the teachers’ and LSAs Performance Management Programme and gave each of them a short evaluation of their work during the year.


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