Project 2


 AIM project 2

  •  To enhance children’s interest by giving themarious opportunities to demonstrate in concrete ways the topics they study, across the curriculum.



  • This year’s theme will be Weather. The students will be encouraged to build models, present write-ups, research, and speak about anything linked to this topic.
  • They will also be encouraged to exhibit their work and explain it in more detail.
  • The pupils will be given the opportunity of speaking to other classes, explaining their projects;
  • They will have the opportunity of participating in various competitions linked to this subject, as to spur their self-esteem.

 project 2a


All classes worked on the topic of ‘Weather’ and charts with details could be seen in all classrooms.  Most of the students also made models related to this subject. Our Year 1 pupils did their models at school.  They were split up in groups and each group worked on a specific topic such as the weather vane, a rainbow, different weather conditions etc.

Theseproject 2b models were displayed in class and the students also had the opportunity to talk about their model to their classmates as well as other students in the school.  During our Parents’ Day and our ‘Open Day’ for new students, some of these models were also displayed in various parts of the school.


During Computer lessons, students from the Year 6 class worked on spreadsheets and graphs related  to ‘Weather in Malta’.

Our Year 5 students also had the opportunity to attend the NSTF Science Days which was held at the Gozo College Boys’ Secondary School.

In the junior classes various resources and hands-on activities were used in order to enhance teaching. This year our Year 2 teacher introduced mental maths and was really pleased because despite their age, the children did very well.

Teachers of our senior classes linked their maths, science and social studies lessons to everyday experiences (eg. using ferry timetables) and this helped the students to better understand the concept being taught.

project 2d