Project 8


To become more aware of the strengths and weaknesses in each classroom: the teaching and learning taking place, the difficulties faced, and to support the teachers and LSAs in the best way possible.


  • The Head or Asst Head will visit each classroom at least for one hour each week, whenever possible;
  • Take feedback  from the students, while observing  the lesson being delivered
  • Provide the necessary resources so that learning is facilitated;
  • Help out with the problems faced, trying to find solutions.
  • The Head/Asst Head will leave her comments in writing every time, and the KGA/LSA is free to discuss with them any points that may have arisen or been pointed out during the specific lesson.


Members of the SMT’s visited the classrooms a number of times during the year, however, not as often as they would have liked.  During their visits, they dedicated some time to discuss certain issues with regards to the lesson seen or to teaching in general.
The Senior Management Team was always available to help out with any problems encountered during the scholastic year and any resources needed were readily provided.