Project 7


To promote a healthier lifestyle for our pupils, by teaching good eating habits and encouraging daily physical activity.



  • To develop “healthy lunchbox policies”, to promote healthy lunches which include fresh fruit;
  • During the day, pupils will move around often, and spend minimal time at their desks;
  • Activities should include jumping, skipping, often throughout the day.
  • Encourage students to have a water bottle on their desks so that they can sip water throughout the day;
  • The KGAs suggested to organize – for the first time – a Sports’ Day for all Kinder schools in the gym at St Francis, Victoria



As a rule, the children’s lunch boxes can only contain healthy food such as fruit, salads, cereal and sandwiches.  No juices can be consumed at school however the drinking of water is allowed anytime during the day.  This year the school installed a reverse osmosis system so that staff and all pupils have access to good drinking water at all times.

Our kindergarten assistants encouraged healthy eating, praised and gave reward stickers to students who brought healthy food in their packed lunch.  The Kinder 1 pupils learnt the song ‘Fonzu l-Fenek’ a character who promotes a healthy lifestyle.  They had various handouts relating to healthy food, the healthy plate as well as healthy habits. They were also shown pictures of various healthy food items on the interactive whiteboard.

Both classes organized cooking activities related to healthy eating.

Throughout this scholastic year, our kinder classes joined the Primary classes in all activities related to our Ekoskola project on the theme of ‘Healthy Eating’.  These included a Healthy Breakfast activity and a Wear Your Fruit day whereby all students had to bring their favourite fruit to school and wear something in the same colour as the said fruit.

During the P.E. lessons, the children enjoyed lots of physical activities and made use of the various sports items found on the school premises.  Some exercises were also done in class when children had been sitting down for quite a while. Many outdoor activities made physical activities even more enjoyable.