Project 6


To enhance and expand children’s enjoyment of music



  • To encourage students to perform “publicly”;
  • To sharpen memory and listening skills through music;
  • To teach pupils various songs which appeal to them;
  • To use various percussion instruments to teach rhythm;
  • to help the pupils make percussion instruments themselves (using for example rice in plastic containers)



During the music lesson, the pupils made use of different instruments to learn about different sounds and pitches.  During crafts lessons, home-made instruments were created with the use of recycled items.

Every Monday, each class had a singing lesson during which the students learnt lots of action songs the majority of which were downloaded from You-Tube.  They learnt the difference between fast and slow rhythm and used clapping or shakers to follow the beat.

During song and dance sessions, the pupils were able to show off their talents in front of their classmates.  Besides, the children had various opportunities during which they performed in front of an audience.  These included the Christmas Concert, the Kinder Diploma event, the school’s Talent Show as well as on special occasions such as during visits by the President of Malta and the Bishop of Gozo and also when they participated in an activity about butterflies held at the Villa Rundle .