Project 5


To improve school-parent relationships so that parents will know better what is happening and show great interest.

To facilitate the understanding of each child’s progress for all stakeholders and especially parents through a practical and educationally sound assessment system.



  • Kindergarten Assts will strive to strengthen teacher-parent link through asking parents for feedback, advice, help.
  • Reporting to parents will cater for the holistic education of the child.
  • SMT will monitor pupils’ work, observe lessons and give constructive feedback.
  • Once a term KAs in Kinder 2 fill in the Record of Development Report recently compiled by the Secretariat for Catholic Education, which provides a holistic picture of the pupil’s capabilities; as there is no official Assessment report for Kinder 1, the school adapted one itself.


Our assessment booklet has proven to be a useful tool as it enables us to explain in detail each child’s development.  Until last year this was filled in three times a year, but following parents’ and teachers’ suggestions, this year’s assessments were marked half way through the scholastic year and close to its end.  These assessments showed a clear picture of the pupils’ progress or need for improvement.  Thus the teacher was able to monitor each child’s progress and pin-point certain needs whereas parents were able to keep track of how their child was faring at school.

The Kindergarten Assistants always made themselves available to speak to parents before school in order to discuss anything that concerned the pupils.  Besides there was a meeting with parents at the beginning of the scholastic year as well as two parents’ days during the scholastic year.  On all occasions, parents were able to speak to the Kindergarten assistants about the overall performance of their child.