Project 4


Today, when ICT effects every aspect of the child’s everyday life, and eLiteracy an essential element in lifelong learning, we strive to develop active learning opportunities through suitable adapted activities so that the pupils are exposed to digital resources (cf. National Policy and Strategy for the Attainment of Core Competences, January 2009)

Kindergarten Assistants and LSAs will be supported to understand the role of ICT as a tool to enrich teaching and promote learning:  leading them to use ICT creatively.



  • Now that the school has provided the Kindergarten Assistants with a laptop and an interactive whiteboard has been installed in each school, lessons can be prepared better, and made more interesting and attention-grabbing for the pupils;
  • Also at least one computer will be available in each classroom for the pupils to “experiment” and find out things for themselves;
  • Where internet access is not yet available, video clips and other resources will be downloaded beforehand to be made available for the Kinder pupils.



ICT is used in every area.  It is an effective tool throughout the curriculum.  The Kindergarten Assistants used various interactive activities in order to enhance their lessons and make them more interesting for their pupils and thus ensure that they remain focused during the lesson. The Kindergarten assistants also exchanged useful websites to make the use of the Interactive whiteboards more effective.

They used various links to sites relating to the teaching of numbers, letters and colours and the children took turns to play educational games on the interactive whiteboard.  Story sequencing was also taught through picture sorting interactive activities.

The interactive whiteboard was also used to teach students letter sounds.  Later phonological sounds were also introduced in order to prepare the pupils for the learning of phonics.  In the Kinder 2 class, children learnt three letter words and they also started to pick rhyming words.

It was noted however, that the kinder 1 pupils find the IWB a bit too high and cannot reach certain applications.  A platform would solve this problem.