Project 2


To hone in our pupils narrative skills, and language development, through expressing themselves effectively and comprehensibly, and instil in them a love for words and books.



  • Use storytelling with pupils to stimulate interest and improve listening skills;
  • The use of Big Books, Puppets and face masks should be encouraged as they grab the child’s interest further;
  • A corner in the classroom is set aside for “literacy” with books which children can take and “read”, some soft toys, etc.
  • Pupils will be invited to role play either a story which has been read to them, or any event of interest to them, to help them express themselves
  • Kinder 1 pupils can be the audience for Kinder 2’s role play and vice versa;
  • The literacy Support teacher provided by the Secretariat for Catholic Education can advise, support and help
  • Parents will be invited to participate in hourly literacy lessons held at St Francis, Victoria by the Year 1 teacher.



Every week the children had various story-telling sessions in both Maltese and English.   The use of puppets and soft toys made storytelling more enjoyable and masks and costumes were used for role play. Pictures and other visuals – such as clips on You tube – were used to help the students understand the stories better.  Flashcards were also used for story sequencing.  The children also learnt various nursery rhymes throughout the year.

Oral competences were strengthened by encouraging the students to narrate stories in front of their classmates.  In the Kinder 1 class big books were used and children were also asked to bring their own books from home so that the story would then be read to the whole class.  The students who brought their own books were also encouraged to speak about that particular story and they would often use a microphone to further boost their self- esteem.

Flashcards and puzzles were used for letter recognition, phonics, to learn new words and beginning sounds. Interactive games further enhanced the pupils’ literacy skills.

This year, we tried to emphasize the importance of reading Maltese books.  In fact, on World Book Day, the Kinder 1 and 2 pupils brought a Maltese book and dressed as one of its characters.  On that day, the two classes took part in role play activities together.

During the scholastic year all kindergarten pupils learnt new songs in Maltese which can be found on Youtube.