Project 1



To help our pupils, from a young age,  to build a relationship with Christ, by appreciating His Word and teachings, as presented to us in the Holy Bible.

Also to narrate some episodes from St Francis’ life, and point out some qualities in him, which helped him to imitate Christ, and which will imbue the pupils with the desire to follow his example, particularly in bringing peace in their environment, and respect for all God’s creation.



  • Each Kindergarten Assistant will promote reading passages from the Bible in the classroom, particularly Christ’s parables and miracles;
  • Short video clips from You Tube can be shown to the pupils and then talk about them;
  • Simple picture power points for the children to talk about in class will also be prepared by the kindergarten assistants;
  • The pupils will “reflect” on the passage further through drawings and role play;
  • The Kindergarten Assistants will expose the children to certain episodes from the life of St Francis, through books and DVDs
  • The importance of being “peace bearers” and of loving God’s creations will be emphasised;
  • The pupils will bring their pets to school, and have them blessed in a ceremony organized close to St Francis’ feast day.



The Kindergarten Assistants read bible stories to the students and also used stories on You Tube to show episodes from the Old and New Testaments, related to the liturgy of the following Sunday. The students were often asked to re-tell the story in their own words to ensure that they had understood what it was all about. At times these stories were also narrated through role play.  The students were also given handouts, had activities and did drawings about these same stories related to the liturgy.

Students were shown a DVD about the life of St Francis of Assisi and the kindergarten assistants also spoke to them about this great saint and his great love for animals. The pupils participated in the blessings of the animals, held at the school on St Francis day.

Similarly they were also shown clips from a video about the life of Madre Margherita and were given a drawing book depicting episodes from her life.

In both our kindergarten classes, the pupils were taught new prayers and religious songs in Maltese as well as in English.  They visited the school’s chapel very often and would pray together and speak to Jesus in the blessed sacrament.

During Religion lessons, pupils in our Kinder 2 classes were often given handouts to draw and through which they learnt many things about Jesus, Holy Mary and other biblical characters. The Kinder 1 pupils had a ‘Creation Booklet’ as well as a religion copybook where holy pictures and drawings were kept.

Throughout the scholastic year, the Kindergarten Assistants constantly spoke to their pupils about good values and how one should live a true Christian life.