“Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see”

– John W. Whitehead –

Administration & Staff

Our Staff:


The head of school is Sr Francesca Abela, while Ms Monique Camilleri is the assistant  head.

The school has a secretary who dedicates much of her free time to the students, teaching  P.E. and dancing. The school boasts of a religious teacher in kinder 1; nine lay teachers in kinder 1 and 2 and years 1 to 6 as well as two complementary teachers one of whom also teachers drama.   There are also three subject teachers who teach ICT, PCSD, and Science in all four Church primary schools in Gozo. Besides we have eight learning support assistants. All do their utmost not only in their teaching, but also to make the children as happy as possible.

A spiritual director offers his services on a voluntary basis. The church schools’  social worker and school counsellor give a helping hand when necessary. Besides, we also have three cleaners, one full-time – a religious, and two part-time – lay.

Head of School / Asst Head Sr Francesca Abela / Ms Monique Camilleri
Kinder 1 Sr Anna Rosa Zammit / Ms Karen Refalo
Kinder 2 Ms Mariella Grech / Ms Valeria Caruana
Kindergarten Assistant Ms Maria Antonia Galea
Year 1 teacher Ms Claudia Grech
Year 2 teacher Ms Gina Thewma
Year 3 teacher Ms Stephanie Mercieca
Year 4 teacher Mr Yana Abela
Year 5 teacher Ms Josephine Xuereb
Year 6 teacher Ms Tania G. Formosa
Complementary teacher  (Literacy) Ms. Victoria Grech
Complementary teacher (Drama) Ms Angele Farrugia
 LSAs  Year 2 Ms Maureen Saliba
Ms Maria Formosa
 LSAs  Year 3 Ms Alicia Grech
 LSA Year 4 Ms Diane Theuma
 LSAs  Year 5 Ms Philippa Camenzuli
 LSA Year 6 Ms Marthese Zammit
Ms Kelly Grima
Ms Maria Mercieca