“The best educated human being is the one who understands most about the life in which he is placed.”

– Helen Keller –

Important Dates

Dates to Remember
Scholastic year 2018-2019

Kindly note that dates of some activities may be liable to change and therefore we recommend that, from time to time, you check this list as well as the calendar.

[TERM 2 ]


January 7th Commencement of 2nd term
January 8th Eyesight test for Yr 3 students and Yr 6 who were absent
January 9th Eyesight test for Yr 1 students
January 14th S.S. Fieldwork for Yr 6—Valletta
January 14th-18th Applications at the Curia for entry in church schools in Sept 2019                                        (for children born in 2016)
January 17th Meeting for Yr 1 parents by Literacy support teacher
January 18th Outing for Yrs 1 and 2
January 22nd Mass on the 67th Anniversary of Madre Margherita’s passing away
February 1st First Friday Mass
February  4th—12th             Half Yearly exams for Years 4, 5 and 6   
February 4th Maths Exam
February 5th Maltese Exam
February 6th Maltese Oral Exam
February 7th English Exam
February 8th English Oral Exam
February 11th Religion Exam
February 12th Social Studies Exam
February 14th Parents’ Day : results given; pupil-free day
February 15th Outing for Yrs 1 and 2
February 25th Ballot of children to be admitted next scholastic year
February 27th Indoor climbing and mini golf for Yr 3
February 28th Indoor climbing and mini golf for Yr 4
March 1st Carnival Fancy dress party—school finishes at 11:30am
March 4th—5th Mid-term holidays
March 6th Ash Wednesday—First Lent Mass
March 12th Staff PD session  –  School finishes at 11:30am
March 14th Sports Day—Church Primary schools
March 15th Second Lent Mass (Palm Sunday)
March 18th School holiday in lieu of public holidays falling during  weekends
March 19th St Joseph Holiday
March 21st Visit to Wasteserv – Yr 4
March 22nd Third Lent Mass (Last Supper)
March 25th—26th Applications for Form 1
March 27th Way of the Cross
March 29th  Pellegrinagg Randan—Church Primary Schools
April 4th Yr 5 fieldwork at the Cittadella
April 5th Fourth Lent Mass (Adoration of the Cross)
April 11th Yr 6 Fieldwork at Ggantija Temples
April 11th Ta’ Pinu Outing for Yrs 1 and 2
April 12th Last day of second term for students — Our Lady of Sorrows Mass
April 15th—16th Staff Development Days
April 29th School reopens for third term