“The best educated human being is the one who understands most about the life in which he is placed.”

– Helen Keller –

Important Dates

Dates to Remember
Scholastic year 2019-2020

Kindly note that dates of some activities may be liable to change and therefore we recommend that, from time to time, you check this list as well as the calendar.

[TERM 2 ]

January 13th Applications for Kinder 1 for next scholastic year
January 14th Yr 6 fieldwork
January 15th OASI talks for Yrs 3 and 4
January 16th Wasteserv – Yr 4
January 17th Fieldwork Yr 4
January 21st Fieldwork for Yr 5 at Marsalforn
January 22nd Mass :  Madre Margherita
January 27th Wasteserv talks for Yrs 1 and 2
January 29th Be the change (theatre) for Yr 6
January 29th Mary Poppins – Yrs 3-5
January 30th Eye test for Yr 3 students
January 31st Gigi Clubhouse – Kinders 1 and 2
January 31st Ballot for Kinder 1  –  Scholastic year 2020 – 2021
February 4th Scaling up – Good Practice  (Ms Tania)
February 6th Sports Day Church Schools
February 10th Feast of St Paul – Holiday
February 11th Hoodie Day
February 14th Parents’ Day
February 17th Wasteserv talks for Yrs 3 and 5
February 18th Wasteserv talks for Yr 6 and Kinders
February 21st Fancy Dress / Carnival Party  –  School finishes at 11:45
February 24th / 25th Mid-term holidays
February 26th Ash Wednesday :  First Lent Mass
February 26th Nicky Farrugia’s visit – Yr 5
March 2nd Climbing activity for Yr 3
March 3rd Climbing activity for Yr 4
March 3rd Meeting at Seminary for Yr 6 boys and their parents
March 5th Gymnastics for Yrs 1 to 6
March 6th Outing for Yrs 1 and 2
March 10th Cittadella Treasure hunt for Yr 6
March 13th Staff meeting –  School finishes at 11:30
March 18th Open Day for Year 6 students :  Sem. and BC
March 19th Feast of St Joseph – Public holiday
March 26th Outing for Yrs 1 and 2
March 27th Pilgrimage to Ta’ Pinu – Church Schools’ activity
March 30th Pupil free day – Sharing of ideas re Numeracy (Malta)
March 31st Public holiday
April 2nd Yr 6 fieldwork at Ggantija Temples
April 2nd Yr 3 fieldwork at Lunzjata valley
April 3rd Our Lady of Sorrows Mass
April 3rd Second term’s last day of school for students
April 6th/ 7th Staff Days
April 20th Beginning of third term